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Biographical notes of Paltiel-hay Jacoby's versatile career:

Paltiel-hay's manifold interests have been already shaped in his childhood years. 
His father was a cantor and fluent in six languages and influenced him in his linguistic, teaching and musical career.
In elementary school Paltiel-hay was the best male student, the "king of the class" (moloch hakitah מלך הכיתה).
In his high school years he tutored young students and adults, that built him his further way being a good instructor in the military artillery school from 1965-1968 and a good teacher in his later life.
From 1968-1969 Paltiel-hay attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to complete Pre-academic studies. 
He began working as a teacher in a school for children with behavioral problems.
In 1970 his interest in Sculpture was caught, when he completed this course in the Avni Institute of Art and Design (מכון אבני) in Tel-Aviv.
From 1970-1971 he graduated in linguistic courses at the Tel Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv.

Paltiel-hay took private music lessons in voice with Mrs. Mitzi Locker and in guitar music theory with Mr. Egon Kerten from 1970-1972.
When at this time he performed with The Love Hill Duo & Modusim and his TrioHe was also part of the original group of  The Brothers & The Sisters, with which he got the second price at the Tel Aviv Students' Song Festival in 1972 for the song "Don Quixote" (דון קישוט), where Paltiel-hay was the lead singer of.





In 1972 Paltiel-hay managed a summer camp, which was organized for little children.

Beside music, Paltiel-hay was also interested in acting. In 1972 he had a role in the movie "The Great Telephone Robbery" (Hebrew "שוד הטלפונים הגדול"), directed by the international movie director, Menachem Golan.

In 1973 Paltiel-hay's interest in jewelry was caught, when he got the chance to work as the Assistant-Manager of Production at "Maskit Jewelry Company", Tel Aviv until 1974.

From 1974-1978 Paltiel-hay was the musical manager of the duo  "Ilana & Palti" (אילנה ופלטי),
which was formed by him and
Ilana Zadok first as the "The Goodlife Duo" ("Zemed HaHayim Hatovim" צמד החיים הטובים).
For the performances in
Israel's tv- and radio stations and in nightly appearances in the "Chan Club" (מועדון החאן), as well as in air force bases all over the country, Paltiel-hay provided his own written songs, like "Lecha Dodi" (Hebrew: "לכה דודי") (music: Paltiel-hay Jacoby, lyrics: Shabbat Song) and " Mah Yafah 'At Yaldati"  (Hebrew: "מה יפה את ילדתי") (music and lyrics: Paltiel-hay Jacoby), beside other Israeli, Yemenite and international known folk songs.

In September 1974 "Ilana & Palti" were chosen to represent Israel in France.
Together with the students' dance group of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem they were sent to Dijon to participate in the annual international folklore festival
"Les Fêtes de la vigne" (Jeux D'Automne Fêtes Internationales De La Vigne), where they won the first price, "Le Collier d'Or", among 23 other countries.
After this success they were invited to several tv- and radio programs.

In November 1974 they moved to
England, where in London they stayed with Paltiel-hay's cousin, who had a jewelry store. From 1974-1975 Paltiel-hay was the Co-Director of "Jewelcraft Manufacturing Company". For that he attended the Sir John Cass School of Art in the course "Diamond setting"

Jewelcraft manufacturing company
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After long days of hard work in the jewelry store, "Ilana & Palti" appeared nightly in numerous Israeli evenings of entertainments, organized by Tel Hay Fund, Jewish Agency for Israel, Makkabi, Zionist Federation of Great Britain & Ireland, Brit Hashmonayim, Joint Senior Youth Movements, Israel Students Association in Great Britain and Jewish-Christain Friendship Organizations in Europe. 

In 1975 they decided to move to Germany, first to Idar-Oberstein, the city of gem stones.
Then they went to live in Frankfurt, where they have been "adopted" by the "Zionist Emissary" to Germany. And so they participated in Jewish events all over Germany, trying to convince the young Jewish generation to immigrate to Israel. 
To gain knowledge in German, Paltiel-hay attended the Volkshochschule Frankfurt am Main, in the course "Deutsch als Fremdsprache" ("German as foreign language") in 1975.
After their success of performances in several Jewish events, tv- and radio shows, the record company,
EMI, took them under contract to let them record four singles and one LP.
Paltiel-hay always was interested in dancing, in which he already participated in his high school years. So that in 1976 he took step dance classes in Duesseldorf.
That h
elped him show himself to be a good dancer in the Charity Midsummer Night’s Ball of TuS Makkabi and Aliyat Hano'ar (Youth Alyiah) in Schlosshotel Gerhus, Berlin, where "Ilana & Palti" presented 40 minutes of their versatile repertoire. 
Article of the press

Ilana & Palti
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1978 "Ilana & Palti" went to Brussels, Belgium, where they had a six months contract to appear nightly in the "Tel-Aviv" night club to the enjoyment of international guests and local club members in the beautiful songs and lyrics in different languages.

After this, Paltiel-hay and Ilana ended their collaboration. 
Paltiel-hay immigrated to the USA to work as a Taxi driver in Brattleboro, Vermont from 1978-1984.
In 1984 he changed his work to be a school bus driver at "Cheshire Transportation Company", New Hampshire, where sometimes he had to drive the bus under difficult conditions, when he transported deaf children through dangerous icy and snowy streets. 
In 1986 he found his interest in jewelry again and worked as a Quality Control Inspector & Shipper at "The Touch, Inc", Massachusetts, until 1989. After three days at work, he was offered management, but he refused, as he could not take this responsibilty as he was also attending linguistic courses at the Hebrew College in Brookline, from 1986-1987.
In 1989 he moved back to Israel, where he worked as a Sales Manager at "Menucha's Boutique", Nes-Ziona, until 1998.
Beside that Paltiel-hay attended the Hebrew University Jerusalem from 1994-1997 again, where in 1997 he was awarded for the
Kutscher Prize in Linguistics.
Then he went back to the USA, where he worked from 1998-2007 as the Sales Manager of "Sunsations", beach wear and souvenirs, Ocean-City, MD.

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From 2007-2008 Paltiel-hay was Co-Owner of "Planet Surf", Beachwear & Souvenirs Store, Ocean-City, MD.
After his retirement, he took the opportunity to keep on with his studies of versatile interests. 
He completed numerous courses, where he gained always
2010-2011 he took courses in business at Worwic College, Salisbury, MD.
At this time he also was a Peer Coach at Holly Community Inc., Salisbury, MD.

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In 2011 Paltiel-hay worked as ESL Tutor at Telamon, Salisbury, MD.

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In 2016 in Salisbury University, he completed auditing courses in Spanish, German, Russian and Arabic, by permission of Dr. Louise Detweiler, Chair of Modern Languages department.
In 2017 Paltiel-hay took the chance again to work as a teacher in Pinehurst Elementary School, Salisbury, MD.

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