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Paltiel-hay Jacoby's time in the military:

During his military service, Paltiel-hay Jacoby was an instructor of teaching artillery in a military school and a soldier in a combat elite unit. 

In the following, Paltiel-hay tells some of his experiences:

"After my training in the school, I asked for an interview and said that I can be a good instructor since I have been teaching all my high school years young students and adults. I was sent immediately to another school in the desert to become an instructor. I was a quiet one, never shouting commands and never sending any soldier to jail. I was "forced" to continue my service by signing for 4 more years by standing all day in the main office, listening to flattering words to convince me to sign.
I refused, being tired of the strict discipline in the school and the heavy responsibility for soldiers' lives."

"I had a group of new immigrants who were married with children, in their thirties, who came for half a year training. I had a night lesson and the commander of the whole base came to visit/watch me teaching them. I was training them by the seconds, not minutes. After the end of the lesson, he asked me if I was not exaggerating. I told him that I am teaching them by the book. 
Next morning, my commander asked if the general said anything and I told him that he thought training by the seconds was exaggerated. 
My commander said: "Give them less seconds!" And the reason is that they come for a short time, therefore they should know what is expected of them in times of war. "

Siginificant experiences in the two Israeli wars in 1967 and 1973 had a major impact on Paltiel-hay.
Here are a few anecdotes:  

"In 1967 a straight bomb killed a group of five soldiers a few meters from our position. I had four young soldiers who "froze up" and could not help me. My driver, an older guy, was with me and helped me carry ammunition to our position. Those young soldiers were shell shocked and were useless till the end of the war. I had to fight by myself while they were sitting and shaking because of the fear."

"In October of 1973 in the middle of Yom Kippur there was a knock on my door to be prepared in minutes to go to war. After the hell in Syria I thought that's it. But we had to move fast to the south direction Sinai. There I was asked to volunteer to cross the channel  and I did. Immediately while crossing, airplanes were above our heads throwing bombs on us. Our pilots were having dogfighting with them so they stopped dropping bombs on us. Later the sight of dogs licking scorched Egyptian dead soldiers made me think what a waste of life? Why wars? Why kill each other? No reason to kill and end someone's life. But 1973 we had to fight against Arab forces from all sides, in the air, on land and in the seas. This sad and bad experience is a lesson for the rest of your life."

In 1975 Paltiel-hay had another experience in England, when with "Ilana & Palti" he volunteered to sing for Israeli wounded soldiers, through the "IDF Disabled Veterans Organization" (ארגון נכי צה"ל). The soldiers started making fun and did not listen. So Paltiel-hay Jacoby told them: "Listen, I am sorry for your injuries, but I was during the war on all fronts in an elite combat unit and now we volunteered to be here to sing for you, after a long day of work. We are not paid to be here, so we can leave, if you continue to be noisy". They stopped.

Paltiel-hay Jacoby at a military performance, Israel, 1973.

Paltiel-hay at a musical performance in the military, Israel, 1973.