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"Ilana & Palti" in England and Germany:

Ilana & Palti in Frankfurt, Germany.

"Ilana & Palti" performing in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ilana und Palti in Deutschland

In November 1974 "Ilana & Palti" moved to London, England and in 1975 to Germany. They were invited by Jewish organizations like Makkabi,
Zionist Federation of Great Britain & Ireland, Brit Hashmonayim, Joint Senior Youth Movements, Tel Hay Fund, Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel Students Association in Great Britain and Jewish-Christain Friendship Organizations in Europe.

As well as invited by the Israeli embassy in London to sing during "Israel week" for Jewish students, mainly at universities.    


Ilana & Palti

Poster of "Ilana & Palti"


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In Germany, 1978, "Ilana & Palti" recorded their LP 
"Ein Mann, Ein Mädchen" and four singles
at EMI-ELECTROLA Studios in Cologne, signed by Mr. Günter Ilgner and produced by Heinz Gietz 
for the singles:
"Warum Hast Du Licht Gemacht"  (=Why did you turn on the light) 
(music: Paltiel-hay Jacoby, lyrics: the German poet, Fritz Grasshoff).
And the International Hit Single
"Disco Taxi", (music: Heinz Gietz, English lyrics: Chris Howland, arrangement: Heinz Gietz).
Erich Offierowski, producer of the wonderful LP
"Ein Mann, Ein Mädchen"  (=One man, one woman)
and the single
"Mitten In Der Nacht" (=In the middle of the night). 
Another single with the A side:
"Love Just Knocked At My Door
and the B side:
"When You're Young And In Love" was produced by David Vaughan in London, England, 
who was the manager of his father, Frankie Vaughan, a well known singer and actor in England and in the United States.


Ilana & Palti

"Ilana & Palti", Berlin, Germany


"Ilana & Palti" participated in several festivals, tv- and radio-shows, where they worked with Hans Rosenthal, Maria Brauner and others.

They also took part in a tv show, produced in Stuttgart, about Israel with Yigal Bashan and "Chocolate Menta Mastik".
And in Hoechst, near Frankfurt, they performed in an international festival together with Gordon Lightfoot from Canada, 
"The Chieftains" from Ireland and "Elster Silberflug" from Germany among others. They recorded for Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), 
the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) in Berlin and Rias Berlin.


Ilana & Palti

"Ilana & Palti" in Germany

Shows/Programs with "Ilana & Palti" in Germany:

14.12.1975: "Glanzvoller bunter Nachmittag: 
Hans Rosenthals Veranstaltung für den "Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael" (Jewish National Fund), with "Ilana & Palti", Eddy Kausch & Combo, 
Christine Kappauf and Rolf Sanden. "Ilana & Palti" sang "Lecha Dodi" (לכה דודי) (music: Paltiel-hay Jacoby, lyrics: Shabbat song), 
"Mah Yafah 'At Yaldati" (מה יפה את ילדתי) (music and lyrics: Paltiel-hay Jacoby),
"Esa Einai" (אילנה ופלטי) (Psalm 121, melody composed 
by Shlomo Carlebach), as well as Yemenite and Spanish love songs.

20.12.1975: "Das Jugend-Journal", stereo recordings of Israeli songs signed by Prof. Dr. Kadelbach, radio programme, 
Hessischer Rundfunk (HR).

23.11.1975 "Der Redakteur", Dr. Ulrich Olshausen organized "Folklore International" for the Hessischer Rundfunk (HR).
"Ilana & Palti" represented Israel.

January 1976: performance at BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service Berlin).

29.01.1976 "Spass muss sein", radio show of RIAS, Berlin.
"Ilana and Palti" sang the German folk song
"Die Gedanken sind frei".

28.10.1977: "Die Welt ist voll Musik", episode "Israel", broadcasted in Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR), Südwestfunk (SWF), 
Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) and Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR). "Ilana & Palti" sang
"Warum Hast Du Licht Gemacht
(German lyrics by Fritz Grasshoff, music and original Hebrew lyrics by Paltiel-hay Jacoby), 
"Mah Yafah 'At Yaldati מה יפה את ילדתי "  
(music and lyrics by Paltiel-hay Jacoby) and several medleys with 
Yiddish and Israeli songs, performed together with 
"Chocolate Menta Mastik" and Yigal Bashan.

05.11.1977: "Gäste im Großen Sendesaal" in the Villa Berg, Stuttgart, radio show of SDR1.

09.12.1977: "Rias-Kaffeetafel", radio show in Berlin. Invitation through Hans Rosenthal."Ilana & Palti" sang "Lecha Dodi" (לכה דודי) 
(music: Paltiel-hay Jacoby, lyrics: Shabbat song) and the German folk song
"Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss".

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Ilana & Palti

"Ilana & Palti", Germany