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Biographical highlights of a versatile musical career:

Paltiel-hay Jacoby (Hebrew: פלטיאל-חי יעקובי) was born in Nes-Ziona to a Jewish Yemenite family, which immigrated to Israel in 1924. His love to music is rooted in his family. In the 50s his father, uncle and two siblings performed in a weekly radio programme in Kol Israel called "The Jacoby family in Shabbat songs"  (Hebrew "משפחת יעקובי בשירי שבת") for the series  
"The Voice of Israel for Yemeni immigrants" (Hebrew "קול ישראל לעולי תימן"), produced by Saadia Damari. 
Paltiel-hay started his first musical steps in playing the harmonica in school. By being the best of his class, he gave auditions in front of the students.

In 1969 he formed together with Shabi Katzir "The Love Hill Duo" (Hebrew: " צמד גבעת האהבה"), what was joined by Tova Livneh in 1970 to start "The Modusim Trio" (Hebrew: " שלישיית המודוסים").
"The Modusim" had nightly performances in "The Red Rock", the most popular night club in Eilat.
Their repertoire included songs, composed by Nisim Shoval and his wife Sara Shoval and several other folk songs. "The Modusim" were titled as "Stars of the Club" in Tel-Aviv "Hilton's Club", where they performed nightly for the hotel guests.

One day when they were rehearsing at Nisim Shoval's house, Gideon ("Gidi") Koren came and brought two songs,  which "The Modusim" performed on "Teshu'ot Rishonot " (Hebrew: "תשואות ראשונות"), a radio show of young talents. 
After a short time,  Gidi Koren asked them to be part of the new band he wanted to start, 
named "The Brothers & The Sisters"  (Hebrew: "Ha'achim ve Ha'achayot" " האחים והאחיות").
To the band were also added Itzik Cohen, Shuly Erez and Shafi Kleiner. 
The group performed songs in Hebrew, English and Yiddish in several festivals. Gidi Koren also wrote songs for them. 
One of them, called "Don Quixote", Paltiel-hay was the lead singer of and it made second place 
in the Students' Song Festival in Tel Aviv, 1972.
After May 1972 Gidi Koren decided to change the members of the group, Paltiel-hay left.

In 1974 Paltiel-hay Jacoby and Ilana Zadok formed together "The Good Life Duo" (Hebrew: "Zemed Hachayim Hatovim" " צמד החיים הטובים"). 
They performed in "Bar Minan", the students' club of Tel Aviv's University, various radio shows of Kol Israel and several other places as well as for the air force, in different bases all over the country.

They recorded the Shabbat song "Lecha Dodi" (Hebrew: "לכה דודי") (music: Paltiel-hay Jacoby) and " Mah Yafah 'At Yaldati"  (Hebrew: "מה יפה את ילדתי") (music and lyrics: Paltiel-hay Jacoby) for the Israeli television.

At the Oriental Festival in Jerusalem, for which they also recorded, the producer, Yoseph Ben-Yisrael, 
was so much impressed about "Mah Yafah 'At Yaldati" that he asked them to give the song to the festival's suppose.

In September 1974 Paltiel-hay Jacoby and Ilana Zadok were chosen to represent Israel in France. 
Together with the students' dance group of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem they were sent to Dijon 
to participate in the annual international folklore festival "Les Fêtes de la vigne" (Jeux D'Automne Fêtes Internationales De La Vigne) among 23 other countries.
After performing 15 days long on stage, they won the first prize, "Le Collier d'Or". 
Among other songs they performed "Lecha Dodi" and "Mah Yafah 'At Yaldati". 

After this success the duo decided to change its name to an easier one "Ilana & Palti", when they were invited to several radio and television programmes in France, like "Le Petit Conservatoire de la chanson", where they performed 
"Kefel", the Hebrew version of the French "Dites-luis". 

In November 1974 "Ilana & Palti" moved to England, where they were invited by several Jewish organizations like Makkabi, Zionist Federation of Great Britain & Ireland, Brit Hashmonayim, 
Joint Senior Youth Movements, Tel Hay Fund, Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel Students Association in Great Britain and Jewish-Christain Friendship Organizations in Europe. They got invitations by the Israeli embassy in London to sing during "Israel week" for Jewish students, mainly at universities. 

In 1975 they decided to go to Germany, where they performed for several Jewish organizations and were invited to versatile shows and programmes in radio and tv. In a tv show about Israel they performed together with
Yigal Bashan and "Chocolate Menta Mastik" Yiddish and Hebrew songs.

Their sucess caught the attention of record company EMI, who let them produce four singles and their 
LP "Ein Mann, ein Mädchen" in 1978.
Paltiel-hay Jacoby wrote the music to "Warum Hast Du Licht Gemacht", which was released as one
of the singles to the lyrics of Fritz Grasshoff.

In 1978 "Ilana & Palti" were moving to Belgium, where they appeared nightly in the "Tel-Aviv" night club to the enjoyment of international guests and local club members in the beautiful songs and lyrics in different languages.

After 1978 Paltiel-hay Jacoby decided to take his focus more on non musical interests.
Until to the recent years, where he found back to his musical roots. 
That led him to be again active as a singer/songwriter up to now. 

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