"The Love Hill Duo" and "The Modusim Trio"


In 1969 Paltiel-Hay Jacoby and Shabi Katzir performed in "The Love Hill Duo" 
(Giv'at Ha'ahavah Duo 
צמד גבעת האהבה).
In 1970 Tova Livneh joined them and they formed the "The Modusim Trio" 
(HaModusim Trio
שלישיית המודוסים).

trio with Tova Livneh, Paltiel-Hay Jacoby, Shabi Katzir

From the left: Tova Livneh, Paltiel-hay Jacoby, Shabi Katzir.

"The Modusim's" first appearance was at "Zavta club" (מועדון צוותא) in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

They appeared nightly in the most popular night club in Eilat: 
"The Red Rock", mainly for foreign tourists and famous Israelis/locals.
Rafi Nelson, king of Eilat's nightlife, gave "The Modusim" 
the best compliment for their performance and songs. 
Nisim Shoval composed the music for the Hebrew songs and lyrics written by Sara Shoval. 
As well as various folk songs.

In Tel-Aviv "Hilton's club", "The Modusim" were "Stars of the Club", 
singing nightly for the hotel guests.



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