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Paltiel-hay Jacoby's family:

Paltiel-hay Jacoby was born as the youngest of four siblings to Jewish Yemenite parents, 
who immigrated from Ethiopia to Israel in 1924.
His grandfather was a Rabbi and his father, Raphael, a cantor to a Turkish congregation in Nes-Ziona. 
He was fluent in six languages, Hebrew, Amharic, Arabic, French, Yiddish and Ladino. 
When Paltiel-hay was a child, his father asked him to buy the Spanish newspaper, "La Verdad" 
and read it for him and if he didn't understand something, his father would explain it in French 
instead of Hebrew, to show him the similarity between both languages.
Since 1943 he worked as a postman in Tel Aviv and in Nes-Ziona, where in 1971 he was given 
the "Excellent Service Award" and 1000 Shekels, by Shimon Peres, minister of communication:

Raphael Jacoby - 1971 Raphael Jacoby - 1971

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the voice of Israel for the immigrants of Yemen Kol Yisrael Le'oley Teiman teman Sa'adia Damari Kol Israel for Yemenite immigrants סעדיה דמארי

The Jacoby family in Shabbat songs:

Paltiel-hay's siblings are his brother, Menachem and sisters, Ziona, Menucha and Livia. 
Menachem studied and played violin, oud, flute and accordion.
In the early 50s, Menachem and Ziona performed together with their uncle, Shmaria and father, Raphael,
in the weekly radio program in Kol Israel, called "The Jacoby family in Shabbat songs"  (Hebrew "משפחת יעקובי בשירי שבת") 
for the series 
"The Voice of Israel for Yemeni immigrants" (Hebrew "קול ישראל לעולי תימן"), produced by Saadia Damari.
Raphael and Shmaria were singing, while Menachem was playing the violin and Ziona drumming the darbuka.

Paltiel-hay's early musical experience:

Paltiel-hay's cousin, Yinon Artzi, was a fantastic accordion player.
Together with a friend, Feldman, who played the trumpet, he had a band,
which Paltiel-hay joined as a "young talent" to play the darbuka,
when they were invited to play on trips. 
Sometimes also Paltiel's brother, Menachem, joined them to play the oud in a Yemenite band.

Baruch Jamili:

Paltiel's sister, Ziona, was married to Baruch Jamili, a soldier in the Harel Brigade of the Palmach during the War of Independence, who wrote the graffiti "Baruch Jamili, Petah Tikva, Palmach 1948" on the wall of a water pumping station at Sha'ar Hagai, which he guarded in framework of escorting the convoys to Jerusalem.

After the war, the graffiti became a symbol that commemorated the place where many of Jamili's comrades-in-arms fell. The mystery of the graffiti's author, which did not become known until 1974, inspired the singer, Shlomo Artzi to write
"The Ballad of Baruch Jamili"

Paltiel-hay Jacoby in the military


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